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September, 30th 2019 г. Sergey Stepanovich Avvakumov is a really substantial person - knows how to do everything himself - can screw and fix and sing and dance. Is popularly known as Aquastylish. Read the latest issue of the «#primeTIME magazine». Aquastylish never advices bad.

June 7th 2019 г. The title Hero of the trird issue of the «#primeTIME - the best Time» magazine is Liubov KALININA, a busines idea's generator, an optimist and very reliable partner.

As usually, the issue was delivered for free to the most popular places of the Region.

April 20th 2019 г. at 11.00 in the Lotte hotel by the address of Samara city, Samarskaya str., 110 took place Samara exchange Forum of private investors «Practice of trading on the Russian stock market».

Samara exchange Forum was an unique opportunity to communicate with professionals of the exchange market, to discuss the situation on the Russian and international currency markets, to get acquainted with the trading strategies of practicing traders, as well as to discuss on the sidelines with representatives of the Exchange and leading brokerage companies. The program of the event was designed for both beginners and experienced investors. The section of algorithmic trading was open for the first time on the Forum.

The event had been organized by Moscow Exchange.

Information partner - «#primeTIME - the best time» magazine.

march 13th 2019 г. The second issue of the «#primeTIME - the best time» is delivered regarding the address programme. The face of the issue - The head of «RostStroy» company, the member of the State duma deputy Bokk's coordination council Andrey Nosov.

In common the issue is about The second juridical summit «Dialog with business».

December 20th 2018 We're introduce the first release of the «#primeTIME - the best time» magazine (cert. ПИ № ФС 77-74112). The head person is busines-coach, the head of the «Windows for you» company Elena Ridosh.

Exclusive gastronomic project «The taste of Russia» is presented by brand-chief Gael Schaller.

October 1st 2018 «Planet Media» agency is once again expanding the geography of its work. The capital of the Republic of Mari El the city of Yoshkar-Ola is now also under our control. We advertise our customers in more than 10 regions of Russia.

September 28th 2018 The «Planet Media» agency joined the Chamber of commerce and industry of the Russian Federation. The ceremony of admission of new members was held at the Togliatti Chamber's office. The CEO of «Planet Media» agency Anna Dovbnich has presented the brand new magazine #primeTIME, that was first issued the day before and received the certificate of a membership.

September 27th 2018 «Planet Media» agency is having its own advertisement resource, designed for the most demanding customer.

#primeTIME magazine is a new word in the book of Togliatti journalism. We are looking for new names, new ideas, and we're tell about them to all residents of the city. Philosophy of the publication: Togliatti is a city not only with a rich history, but also with a great future.

The residents of the city make Togliatti the way it should be. We live in the best time of human history, the Prime time. Our motto: «Prime time, Prime place, Prime people»

Presentation of the magazine took place during the opening ceremony of XXIII Togliatti motor show MOTOREXPO2018.

July 7th 2018 the traditional distribution of gifts from the shopping center «Furniture planet» within the campaign «Connecting loving hearts», which was organized by the advertising Agency «Planet Media».

The event was dedicated to the holiday celebrated in Russia on July 8-ths - the Day of family, love and loyalty.

The winner of the action Magraritha Petlevannaya became the owner of the main prize - the Datsun on-do car!

April 20th 2018 We won our first tender.

March 15th 2018 Our website is almost available in English.

February 22nd 2018 The King of chanson Mikhail Shufutinsky gave a concert in Togliatti on the eve of his 70ths anniversary. Every concert of Mikhail Shufutinsky is always a magnificent feast filled with the desire to live, to love and to dance the body and the soul!

Organizer of the concert - «Planet Media» agency. Details are at the event's page

October 23rd 2017 The legend of pop music, ex. lead singer of the legendary band «Smokie» Chris Norman gave a concert in Togliatti. Great artist gave us all a great performance. The audience appreciated the concert program in support of the new album «DON'T KNOCK THE ROCK. TOUR».

Organizer of the concert - «Planet Media» agency. Details are at the event's page

June 10th 2017 состоялся очередной благотворительный марафон «Спорт во благо». Мероприятие прошло при поддержке благотворительного фонда «Даунсайд ап», совместно с социальным центром «Точка опоры». В организации мероприятия вновь активное участие принимало рекламное агентство «Планета Медиа».

Подробная информация на странице мероприятия.

June 10th 2017 состоялся финал маркетинговой акции «Мы любим тебя, Россия!», которую рекламное агентство «Планета Медиа» организовало по заказу торгового комплекса «Планета Мебели».

Подробная информация на странице мероприятия.

April 20th 2017 в УСЦ "Грация" г. Самара, прошла конференция Владимира Якубы «Дожим» клиента: 28 способов продавать день-в-день.

Участники конференции узнали,
★ Как продавать больше, быстрее, дороже, чаще
★ Как проходить возражения и закрывать сделки


January 16th 2017 We expanded the geography of our work - we started to work in Yakutsk.

December 17th 2016 в торговом центре "Русь на Волге" прошло благотворительное новогоднее представление для детей с синдромом дауна. Радость в глазах детей и их улыбки- вот то счастье, которое хотят видеть родители на лице своего ребенка. Большие и маленькие, обычные и солнечные, с мамами, папами, бабушками и дедушками, все веселились, пели и танцевали. Спасибо всем друзьям и партнерам: АНО "Точка опоры", АНО "Открытое сердце", мастерская идей "ЛенОкС", компания "Сказочный город"! Кинотеатру "MORI CINEMA" отдельное спасибо за предоставление подарков

October 07th 2016 выставка-продажа «Любимая Индия» приезжает в подмосковный Подольск. На выставке Вы можете ознакомиться с образцами традиционной индийской продукции - чая, текстиля, специй, бижутерии и многого другого. Рекламная кампания выставки и набор временного персонала организованы агентством «Планета Медиа». Выставка работает на территории ярмарки (ул. Большая Серпуховская, 19) с 11:00 до 19:00 без выходных до 16 октября. Организаторы выставки приглашают на работу продавцов-консультантов и разнорабочих. Организационный сбор кандидатов 07 октября в 10:00.


September 12th 2016 we changed our website's design. Our website is growing with us together.

September 10th 2016 в парке Победы г.Тольятти состоялся благотворительный пробег и семейный праздник «СПОРТ ВО БЛАГО» в поддержку детей с синдромом Дауна. В организации мероприятия в качестве координатора по работе с партнерами выступала Директор рекламного агентства "Планета Медиа" Анна Евгеньевна Довбнич. Подробности - на странице мероприятия. скачать презентацию

June 18th 2016 the presentation of gifts to the winners of marketing event «Sun, summer, Planet!» organized by «Planet Media» agency took place at the shopping center «Furniture planet». The compere of the event - a musician, singer, honored artist of the Republic of Ingushetia, winner of the Lomonosov award and gold medal for his contribution to the National culture and art, winner of the Montreux jazz festival (Switzerland), as well as many other Russian and international competitions, Mikhail Morozov handed the keys to the brand new DATSUN ON-DO to Marina Churkina! см. Photo report >>

May 9th 2016 - More than 2000 gifts were presented by «Construction and savings Bank» to vets of the Great Patriotic war living in Samara and Penza regions. Presenter's Staff personally made gift bags to be on time. Thank you to the volunteers of the Samara region for the help! The organization of interaction of the participants of the event took over the «Planet Media» agency. Take a look at Photo report about the event.

Dear vets! Heartily congratulate you with the Victory day. Your heroic act will never be forgotten. We wish You long life and good health.

March 25th 2016 - Fair-sale «Lovely India» started to work at the shopping center "Rus-na-Volge" at the address Revolution str. 52a, Togliatti. Visitors could explore and buy traditional Indian products - tea, textiles, spices, jewelry and much more. Advertising campaign of the fair-sale and recruitment of temporary staff were organized by the «Planet Media» agency.

March 18th 2016 - Marketing event «Sun, summer, Planet!» organized by «Planet Media» agency by request of shopping center «Furniture planet» started.

March 9th 2016 - Public in social network vKontakte was open.

March 07th 2016 - Our website was created.

December 23th 2015 - Our birthday.