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#primeTIME magazine
is already presented

Agency Planet Media is having its own advertisement resource, designed for the most demanding customer.

#primeTIME magazine is a new word in the book of Togliatti journalism. We are looking for new names, new ideas, and we're tell about them to all residents of the city. Philosophy of the publication: Togliatti is a city not only with a rich history, but also with a great future.

The residents of the city make Togliatti the way it should be. We live in the best time of human history, the Prime time. Our motto: "Prime time, Prime place, Prime people

Presentation of the magazine took place during the opening ceremony of XXIII Togliatti motor show MOTOREXPO2018.


The agency "Planet Media" invites you to use all range of services in the market of advertizing on the "single window" principle.

You do not need to search for different service providers in each area, there isn't necessaty to prepare several packs of documents. However, the cost of the advertising campaign may be even cheaper due to the greater volume of services under the contract.

You can also use our additional services: production of audio-video clips and preparation of layouts of printed promotional production, posting service for posters, leaflets, delivery them to mailboxes, support and promotion of Internet resources.